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Thread: How Can I Share Replays

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    How Can I Share Replays


    I had a good game with a friend long ago

    I saved the replay, and I uploaded the replay file into somewhere for him. It doesnt work for him, dota2 crash when he open it. I still can open it.

    Why? also, is there any other way to give it to him somehow?

    the match ID is

    and the file I gave him is 531687137.dem

    or maybe I didnt give him all the needed files? is that file somehow attached to my username?

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    How is a 13 months replay still relevant?!
    Also, Dota 2 replay engine changed a few times, old ones might not work anymore.
    But that file is enough. Zip it before you send it, so you could rule out a corrupted transfer.

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    Ok so maybe because I did not compress it. Alright, I'll do that now and see what happens

    Edit: yes it is relevant because I was with him, and its not because of the engine because the replay works with me, so I hope file got corrupted while uploading like u said

    and Thanks!
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