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Thread: Bane Elemental Fiend's Grip bug

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    Angry Bane Elemental Fiend's Grip bug

    Match ID: 1373484464
    Game mode: Ability Draft
    Hero: Bane Elemental
    Skill: Hoof Stomp, Double Edge, Brain Sap, Fiend's Grip
    Skill bug: Fiend's Grip
    Situation: after i bought scepter my ultimate (Fiend's Grip) suddenly turned into Nightmare's skill even the cooldown is same as nightmare's skill. I already dropped the scepter but the bug is still there. I disconnected and reconnected and restart dota 2 but still no luck. I've lost the mood to play the game after the bug appear and yeah i lost the game too Please fix this bug

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    I just came out of a game experiencing that bug [which led me here]. So I tried to look at the hotkeys while playing earlier and it turns out that getting an Agh scepter with Bane ult gives you an extra nightmare skill which takes whatever hotkey you have for your grip and transferring it into the nightmare, leaving the grip with no hotkey. You could still use Fiend's Grip by manually casting (clicking on it then targetting), but it was most definitely really annoying to have to do that every single time.

    Here are my deets in case y'all want to check it out. I was really able to manually cast both Nightmare and Fiend's Grip.
    Match ID: 1374764951
    Hero: Visage
    Skills: Untouchable, Gravekeeper's Cloak, Fortune's End, Fiend's Grip

    EDIT: This is basically another post on this same problem.
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