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Thread: [Bug] Spectator's clicks polled at caster's mouse position when cursor hidden.

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    [Bug] Spectator's clicks polled at caster's mouse position when cursor hidden.

    This is a really weird bug. When watching a casted replay, the caster's mouse cursor is occasionally polled when a spectator clicks, thereby forcing the spectator to click where the caster is pointing. This seems to happen when the mouse is left still for a short while and the cursor becomes hidden.

    How to replicate:
    I spotted this during the picking phase of the following two games, when listening to the English commentary from TobiWan:
    In the first, the caster's cursor goes over the close button in the top-right corner of the screen for the whole picking phase. To replicate the bug:
    • Open that game and that caster view, and wait for his mouse to move there.
    • Wait for your cursor to become inactive (doesn't matter whether you are hovering over any button on the screen or not).
    • Click without moving the mouse
    • Expected behaviour: Mouse clicks where spectator's cursor last was. Actual behaviour: mouse clicks on Close button, replay ends.

    In the second case, the mouse goes to the Fog of War menu; same behaviour as above.
    Whether the mouse goes to those exact locations in these specific cases might depend on screen resolution (I'm not sure); for reference I'm running Dota at 1366x768, 16:9 in case that helps to replicate.
    Other examples of this include using the speed slider at the bottom of the screen. If the spectator's mouse is left inactive, but with the button held to drag the slider, it will move according to where the caster moves their mouse and not where the spectator's mouse is held. This latter one also happens when watching player perspective in a game.

    Possible cause?
    The game client seems to see the caster's cursor and the spectator's cursor as the same entity, just with the spectator cursor taking priority if it has moved recently. This same behaviour means that, for example, when the caster moves their cursor over a Dire unit, both of the mouse cursors are highlighted in red. The fix would be to make sure that the cursor of the spectator can always receive click commands, even when it is inactive.

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    I also noticed this in player perspective.
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