So, in DotA, Tinker's MotM was one of the trickiest skills to target properly. The robots would appear from somewhere behind and aim for the final destination at the point the player chose. That wasn't very obvious, but pretty soon, it was easy to get the mechanics and farm entire lanes with this skill. More importantly, it could turn entire ganks into reverse ganks, with two overlapping MotM's and a missile pack bringing your enemies down quite quickly.

In Dota 2, however, it uses a different targeting system, where the click-point only chooses the direction, and the machines always appear from behind the Tinker. While this does sound quite useful and less edgy than the original, it makes counterpushing and counterganking waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay harder, and isn't that easy to get used to after playing the original Tinker.

So, is it intended?

1: Learn March of the Machines.
2: Click on the ground.

The machines appear from behind the hero and make their way to the final destination.

The machines appear somewhere behind the hero and make their way to the pointed destination.