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Thread: Drawing on the minimap

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    Drawing on the minimap

    It covers all units in that area, making it very abusable

    Example of abuse:
    You are losing, nothing to do but make couriers do circles around buildings and draw penises on the minimap, the enemy is draging the game. you are a carry but all your supports pretty much stop you from defending and farming by covering all of the minimap in pink. so you don't have a perspective of where the enemy heroes are.

    Suggestion, make units go on top of the drawings on the map.

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    Suggestion: play with friends only, report people who abuse this.

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    I would actually like if the pings/draws on the minmap could have less opacity, so you could actually see what's underneath.

    A lot of times my teammates ping somewhere, and I have to pause for a second until the exclamation mark goes away so I can see what's underneath..

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    There is already a thread on this...causes more harm than good...low tier doesnt use it. Middle teir abuses it. Top Tier doesnt need it. No reason anyone ever needs to draw on the map, clutters ur minimap, which is bad.

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