All lovers of ability draft, I have a suggestion so that starting heroes that all teams get become less "random":Shuffle heroes so that each team gets (if possible) 1 str, 1 agi and 1 intellect hero, or at least, some normal distribution of str/agi/int heroes. This way, you are balancing the "3-4, if possible 5 agi/str/int" starting team, which, when present, pretty much means that no matter what spells you take, you are going to win/lose, or get punished for picking majority of spells very harshly. I understand that this suggestions has some problems, all of which i will gladly hear in the comments (if there will be some , but i really have no idea how else to do the balancing for random heroes you get. As i remember, someone suggested a "hero pick" before ability pick, which is also a good idea, but it will make ad, which has a long starting time even longer, so i think that idea, albeit good, needs some working on (as does this one). If this is already implemented in AD (i haven't noticed that it is) then please delete this thread.

Also, sorry for bad english.