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    Dota is experiencing hard times. This concerns not only the game itself, but also its economy. Today items are not worth a thing. And if the balance of the game could change in the next patch, the economy is unlikely to be changed (although from 1 May disappear all the recipes). Here are my suggestions, each of them is not that much will change, but together they can.
    1) Remove set drops [perhaps even a single items]
    2) Changes in crafting.
    For completting games player will not be rewarded with item sets [or items], instead user will be given materials (eg steel, wood, silk, a broken handle, the fire essence, leather, gunpowder etc.). This materials will be used to create items from certain recipes. Recipes will be added for levels and they create only one item, and not a complete set. Recipe is random but rarity determined by the level. Eg about each fifth level will add random common recipe, each tenth level uncommon, each twenty-fifth level rare, each 50 level mythical, each 100 legendary. Creating things is both random and specific (or call it directed). When creating you will create one of two or three options (which is purely random). For example one of the recipes, creating an common axe but it may craft Pillar of Strength, Half Measure or Ancestral Axes of Karroch, all of wich is marked in recipe.
    Materials differ in rarity and to create a more rare item you need more rare parts. Parts may not be sold, but you can share common materials, except rare parts that is not allowed to share or sell (because if someone dropped a rare expensive recipe, he will share rare materials with others and create dozens of these expensive items, dropping too much value of item).
    The creation of all items starting with an uncommon will require not only ingredients but also at least 1 crafted (not purchased) less rare item. For example to create unusual item you will need a 1 crafted common item and 1 any (crafted or bought) common, to create a rare - 2 unusual items (1 crafted and one any), etc. Crafting requires not only the ingredients, but also time. For example, to create a common need 30 seconds, to create an uncommon 10 minutes, a rare - 1 hour, mythical - 6 hours, legendary - 24 hours and this time can not be accelerated by any kind of booster.
    Up to 5 pieces drop in a week (these and any other numbers are estimates and all subsequent and created an exemplary representation), and to craft common item you will need 7-10 elements (ie for the creation you need 2-3 weeks). To create a more rare items you need more ingredients and time.
    All of this to make the item matter. When you spent a lot of time in creating something you will appreciate it, even it's only polygon hat.
    3) All crafted and/or received items are inscribed with a gem that is not allow you to sell. You can smash this gem with a special hammer, which can only be bought (with 3 category for common-uncommon items, rare-mythical and legendary-arcane with different prices). After that, you can sell item as a normal.
    4) To make old items more appeal you need to remake them. Previously, many items have a rough restriction on the number of polygons and texture size.
    5) Reassign rarity for items. Because today some common are more interesting (and change more) than a rare.
    6) When buying a set/open chest you have is a small chance (such as chanse of finding a rare reward in the chest), that the item/set will inscribed (today usual gem ain't cost much).
    7) More customization. All icons, animations, etc. will be tied to the gem. For example I like the icon of the Lunar Blessing set Azure Constellation, but I do not like the item - so I can get a stone with an icon and insert it into another Luna item with special tool. [Perhaps the item could be destroyed].
    Etc. I would like to have other customization, such as the ability to change the color of items, but that's another story.
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