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Thread: [Confirmed] Procc'ing Moment of Courage does not break invisibility

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    [Confirmed] Procc'ing Moment of Courage does not break invisibility

    If Legion Commander is invisible and issues an attack move on an enemy, but is able to procc Moment of Courage by being attacked, then Moment of Courage can procc without breaking invisibility. This deals full damage and lifesteals like a normal MoC procc.

    I found this bug while diving an enemy under tower with a Silver Edge. I was being attacked because of the tower true sight, and this procc'd MoC. However, since I had not actually completed a normal attack move, I still had the bonuses of being in Silver Edge's invisibility.

    It is easiest to produce by giving a bot a gem, making them attack you, using invisibility (Shadowblade, Silver Edge), then attacking an enemy while animation cancelling.

    Video example:

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