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Thread: REQUEST: 'See everything as default' option

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    REQUEST: 'See everything as default' option

    I came to Dota from HoN when the beta started and what I liked the most was how 'clean' the game was, as in there wasn't 10 different announcers per match and no 10 different epicenter visuals. While those two still hold true today, we're seeing an increasing number of hats that drastically change the visuals in-game or add something new to it - be it a peeking techies when you walk into his mines, a unique BoT-effect, a sword that stays on the ground for the whole game when you kill someone, or a dog (or an armadillo) following heroes around. This is a trend I loathe with passion, because it makes the game not only messy, but distracts greatly in-game. Seeing how Dota is a highly competitive game, what I'm requesting is "see everything as default" option which would do exactly as the name suggests; you'd see and hear everything as their default form. For example, if the enemy had Phantom Assassin with her arcana equipped, everyone who has set "see everything as default" would see and hear her as the default Phantom Assassin, and not see the swords on the ground. People who don't have this option selected would still see the arcana Phantom Assassin normally, just like in today's Dota.

    This wouldn't affect the players with the skins, pets and voice-packs in any way, and it'd make the game much more enjoyable for a lot of us.
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    I personally share your opinion of being able to disable cosmetics for your client personally, but on the other hand people would be annoyed if their shiny hats weren't visible to the other players when they DID essentially buy them to show off. Its a shame but we can't please everyone.

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