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Thread: Magnus immortal is noticeably harder to play against than normal.

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    Magnus immortal is noticeably harder to play against than normal.

    I feel like the animation on the new Magnus immortal makes playing against Shockwave much harder than usual. Usually, you hear the distinct noise and see the wind up as he is about to throw out the shockwave. With this item, there's no real sound queue or visual warning, the shockwave is just hitting you and you have less/no chance to react to it.

    Visually the item looks great and I think it's the best of the immortal items but I do feel like it actually has a significant effect on gameplay which it probably shouldn't do.
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    Looking at the immortal demo video, it seems to have a fairly noticeable wind up

    It flashes a yellow-orange which is a very noticeable colour everywhere on the dota map that is relevant and the sound remains the same, Reconsider after getting used to the immortal since you may just not be used to it's different animation.

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