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Thread: Shadow Fiend, Y U NO COOL!? -Insert internet meme-

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    terrible port, I agree with OP. Everything about d2 sf makes me not want to ever play him

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    Quote Originally Posted by DBX_5 View Post
    he walks the same as he does in Wc3 Idk what you guys are talking about...
    seriously. lol. i'm sure valve knows which feedback to listen to and which to ignore so i wouldn't worry about it.

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    his ulti is win right now, his other skills are good, but i think they could get better, his arms are so bad my grandmother can arm wrestle him to death.
    5 years since Arabic language bug reported. I randomly open icefrog's weaboo to check for meracles. Suddenly, short tweet appears Icefrog is active. Eyes fill with tears as i quickly open and i start to cri when i see he is replying to shitposts again. My clenching anus is twitching in pure joy as i spam the different boards with threads about the 5 year old bug. "weew" i wisper to myself, My heart is jumping outta my chest, but Im calm because s t i a n n o g e b t h g i r l a.

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