I was testing tutorial level 2 and found that you can walk through walls by right-clicking any unit (ally, courier, enemy) constantly. It will slowly go through these "magic walls". Also courier can walk through all walls and obstacles.

Repro Steps:
1. Go to the second tutorial mission. (mechanics 2)
2. Go to the any part where you should buy arcane boots for sniper.
3. Don't buy arcane boots, instead go to the cemetary (the gates are still closed) and shoot shrapnel to the ghosts over the gates.
4. Ghosts aggro you. Then right-click ghosts constantly.

After right-clicking any unit over obstacles, you will go through the "gate" or "magic barrier". I Also noticed that courier can go through all obstacles. It still ruins the whole tutorial. First time i did that by mistake.

Expected Result:
The hero (or courier) should go through these "magic barriers" or gates.