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Thread: FPS Drops on Ubuntu 14.04

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    FPS Drops on Ubuntu 14.04

    Hi, I recently installing Dota2 in my Ubuntu, i have a decent specs and have fair performance in Windows 8.1
    Here is my spec :
    Windows 8.1 & Ubuntu Dual boot
    RAM 12GB
    Nvidia 645M

    I Have installed and tested many version of NVIDIA driver, with or without bumblebee. But when I start the game (I have only tried bot match), it has nice 60FPS with MAX setting, Vsync disabled.
    But around first 2 or 3 minutes, the fps suddenly drops to around 30fps and will stay around there and won't go up to 60 anymore ( Even with the lowest settings)
    any solution for this? I have searched through many sites and forum and cannot find the answer to this...

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