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Thread: Edge Panning, Hero Lag, Rendering not staying at 100% (KDE Debian 8)

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    Edge Panning, Hero Lag, Rendering not staying at 100% (KDE Debian 8)

    So i've recently moved to Linux and have been testing out Dota. Overall it's decent. But edge panning is lagging, as is my hero movement (both seem to be lagging at 1 sec intervals, or so it seems). Not smooth at all compared to Windows.

    Using Debian 8, KDE, Nvidia Drivers (no Bumblebee, etc). Asus Rog G74sx, Radeon 560m 3G, 12 G's of Ram. I've been on this for a bit. I've tried V-Sync on/off, all rendering and shadow settings, Anti-Aliasing On/Off, as all other options.

    Also, I have Compositing type OpenGL 3.1, Qt graphics system: Raster selected. I have "Suspend desktop effects for fullscreen windows" selected so that should disable compositing when Dota is running (I run it in fullscreen mode). And for Tearing Prevention (Vsync) I have Full Scene Repaints selected.

    I've tried every combination I can think of with these settings. Anyone else experiencing this and that may have found a fix?

    edit: it seems to be only happening with v-sync on, but then the tearing, oh the tearing...
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