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Thread: [Confirmed] Shadow Fiend's Presence of the Dark Lord doesn't work

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    [Confirmed] Shadow Fiend's Presence of the Dark Lord doesn't work

    Presence of the Dark Lord does not reduce any armor when affected units have no vision over Shadow Fiend.

    It does reduce armor under 1 circumstance: The aura placed its debuff on you as you had vision over SF and then he goes into fog of war. This way, the aura does affect you still and you see - armor in your hud (the icon disappears, same way as Heartstopper only showing when necro is visible).

    However, when the aura started affecting you while you did not have vision over SF, it will not reduce your armor when within range. It should. The debuff icon shouldn't show, but it should still affect you. Auras should work regardless of vision.

    I guess someone wanted to make SF aura to work like other negative auras which only show debuffs when having vision over the source, but something went a bit wrong.

    Please, just call me buny.

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    Shadow Fiend not working - Presence of the dark lord

    Look in real games the same problem

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    so the skill is working or not?

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    Shadow Fiend Presence of the dark lord not working

    I was playing sf in ranked match and at level 10 i started taking presence of the dark lord ...none of the ranks worked. I died few times and it was still broken ...when i click on enemy i see that he is affected by aura but tooltip message says that armor is reduced by 0 and it was actually like that . I try to hit enemy with 1 or 2 armor and it reduced my dmg with 4th rank on presence of the dark lord.It was like that till end of match ,after that i tried on demo hero and again it was broken.

    match id:2569447608
    game mode:AP
    datetime:14-aug-16 1:53 am

    ingame name: Fifth Carry

    match screenshot:
    demo hero screenshot:

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