Don't talk to me about how you win some you lose some.
Don't talk to me about how 'It's all your fault you are losing'.
Don't talk to me about how I should do something else in my game.
Please take a wild guess what all of these games have in common.
If you answered some guy who feeds courier/ruins the game on purpose/talks in foreign languages all the time, DING!, you are absolutely right.
Valve have this stupid star system implement that puts you in games with other people who have the same star rating as you.
For me, thats the 1 star queue. And it's terrible, and has nothing to do with skill, but since some geniuses thought it was a good idea to use this in normal and RANKED games, I'll just keep losing until I fall ot 4.something K mmr.
And that is absolute bullshit. All this rage I build up from this streak made me see the bigger picture. I genuinely liked dota when I started playing it(2011), and it quickly became my favorite passtime. I was playing for hours upon hours, and the more I started understanding about the game, the more I started disliking losing, especially since ranked was introduced. But now, thinks have changed.
This game, for the past two years, has been nothing but a shitty cash grab. Valve will soon turn into the next EA(at least they actually dish out good games once in a while), and there is really no hope for any of their competitive games(Dota & CS), because they, as a company focus more on the money-making aspect of the game, than on actually fixing bugs, taking community suggestions more seriously, etc.
Well, I for one, have had enough.
I'm out.
No one will care, because I'm not the first. But I won't be the last.
Very soon many more like me will follow, and will hopefully open up Valve's eyes.