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Thread: Just Another Chat Room Suggestions Thread

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    Basic Member acdervis's Avatar
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    Sep 2011
    Istanbul, Turkey

    Lightbulb Just Another Chat Room Suggestions Thread

    Chat rooms will be the center of communication within communities for Dota 2 players. Many of these ideas come from IRC, so I might be overdoing it. Any feedback is welcome.

    The Commands
    • /join: Joins a room. If it doesn't exist, creates one.
    • /leave <room> or /part <room>: leave active room or leave room specified
    • /register: Registers a room and makes registrar the owner
    • /demote-/promote <user> or /level <#> <user>: Sets user level, 3-4 levels should be enough(a la Steam groups)
    • /ignore <user>: Adds user to banlist, any messages are not seen
    • /ban <user> <time>: Bans a user from room
    • /kick <user>: Kicks a user from room
    • /password <pw>: Sets room password
    • /invite <user>: Invites user to room
    • /steamgroup <#>: Ties room to Steam Group, practically anything can be done if Steam is a part of the chat system.*

    Why So Extensive?
    So communities won't need external software for things that can be done within the game. Take TF2 for example: TF2 pickups, mixes, clan chats are all on IRC. Quakenet mostly. Moving all that into the game would be a great improvement. I would even like to see the protocol info released so that people can code bots and use external software to connect to clan chats, etc.

    *IE: Chat room mods are selected from Steam Group, optional requirement that player joining chat is group member. Heck, even integration with steam chat(of the group).

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    Basic Member michA's Avatar
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    Sep 2011
    sounds good, but im sure they will make an awesome chat if its time

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    Basic Member Nero's Avatar
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    Sep 2011
    supporting this

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    Basic Member mr.ioes's Avatar
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    Sep 2011
    "I don't care" aka "I can't judge for now". There's a ribbon called 'Socialize' which currently is empty. Whatever VALVe thinks about doing with it, it might make any IRC-ish chat redundant.

    Wait and see. Good idea nevertheless, I've seen many people writing stuff like /join xy, including me.

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    Basic Member matthe2's Avatar
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    Sep 2011
    Will make quakenet useless: SUPPORTING!

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    Sep 2011
    /Create Channel too

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