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    Quote Originally Posted by Scytail View Post
    You sure about that
    Since picture 3 and 4 happens at 26 min and picture 1 and 2 happens at 29 min (look at your brown boots on picture 1) pretty sure

    and why do you even need conclusion pictures, i pushed a wave and went to farm and a slark found me WOW
    Into the enemy jungle with no vision while heroes are missing. A good player would have pushed the lane with one naga illusion and farmed the enemy jungle with his 2 other illusions while going back to his own jungle.

    , im not saying its just my teams fault but i refuse to see that it was only mine,
    The whole point of the thread is that you think that you are clearly better than the players you are playing with and that you just don't win games because your team mates are ruining your games and make you lose.

    i was running in the end a highly farmed naga into a team of highly farmed heroes,
    You got outfarmed by a slark that constantly fought this is something that cannot happen. And you fed kills to the enemy as the guy with the highest networth on your team. Thus giving them a lot of extra gold. This was the reason why your team mates start to lose the 4vs5
    and btw useing your buyback money to buy an octarine core still blows my mind.

    split pushing was the best way to secure farm and towers for my team,
    Yes and you did a horrible job at it. You let the enemies push your towers. You let enemy creep waves push their lane.
    it was there decision to take fights not mine,
    No it was your inability to split push that gave the enemy time to force your team to fight.
    the fact that you are singling out points is just obnoxious
    I am pointing out facts that conclude that you aren't better than your team mates and that your team mates aren't the sole reason why you lose the game. Which is one subject of this thread. Because you are exactly at the mmr where you belong.

    and proves you have way to much time on your hands
    Oh noes a guy that actually discusses things based on facts instead of group hugging and wish fulfillment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Export View Post
    MMR doesn't work if you reset it. MMR works best the longer people play with one account.
    After 2 years my mmr suddenly dropped with 700. I get players who shouldnt be even on 1k.

    MMR is broken now, as the MM system as well.

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    Nice proof you have there.

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    This isn't going to be fixed until valve revokes the MMR system.
    Noobs and feeders in you team is the true result of misscalibration of MMR.
    I saw an axe with no boots and just one crystals. He was 2k.
    Is it legit ?
    Also valve wants u to make smurfs,paying more to him. Basic economy.
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    I cant deal with how badly this guy got BTFO. Lies about how he had travels thinking the guy who just posted pics of his game couldnt see them, "3 heroes that could kill me were mid" then dies to a hero. I dont post at all but this investigation just had to be congratulated.

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