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Thread: Show Lasthits/Denies and Items of Friendlies in the Scoreboard

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    I disagree, it just adds more bitching to the game. We need to focus on positivity. This will just add more reason to bitch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalanaar View Post
    -1 for me.

    Reason 1) : People don't want to get flamed if they can't farm/deny
    Reason 2) : The scoreboard is already WAY too big. No need to give him some stats protein-ed pills.
    Reason 3) : Trust your allies : if they say they farm well, it means that, for them, its a good farming, even if it doesn't reaches Burning's farm levels.
    Reason 4) : It's always fun to see GPM/XPM/Creep stats at the end of the game.
    Reason 5) : We're not in League Of Lesb..Legends !
    1. grow a pair / don't pick a carry for your team to rely on if you tend to fail to deliver
    2. make it optional
    3. would rather trust numbers, really
    4. whatever
    5. exactly

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    If this ever does become a thing I'd expect it to only be activated in the newly announced Ranked Matchmaking.

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    Valve, please add this. This is a very useful info and I see no reason not to show it, I mean we can see KDA of our allies, why not their last hits too.
    Btw, someone should also crosspost this in reddit dota2. So that this can get implemented quickly.

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    I will flame my teammates to oblivion if they don't have 5 cs a minute.

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    Valve, please add this.

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    Totally agree, and I rly dont see a reason why not...
    So... +151

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