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Thread: Dota 2 Betting Script

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    Dota 2 Betting Script

    Hi, recently I just created DoTA 2 betting script, that has feature as below:
    1. Auto generate match page using Dota 2 WebAPI
    2. Automatic odds counter and display
    3. Steam login system
    4. Bitcoin automatic payment ( API)
    5. Auto refund bet
    6. Show live pick & ban (Javascript Chaching System)
    7. Anti SQL injection system
    8. Using MYSQLi
    9. Auto transfer from loser to winning bettor
    10. Automatic take comission from success bet

    Live Demo:

    The reason why I want to sell the website is because I don't have enough money to promote my website, I've try do promotion via forum, but a minute later the moderator of forum remove my thread and banning me, so I think this script will be more useful for Webmaster with good advertising experience & financial.
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