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    Reporting System

    so here is the thing , I play 2 games with my 4 friends so we are a full party , I go GODLIKE in both of those games , and the people against us ( 5 russians ) in both games reported me cause they were mad , I didnt even say a single word in all chat in both games , I get reported and now I'm muted .... I never get reported !! i keep it clean so I dont ruin my player behavior score and now this happens !!

    Please tell me how is this normal ??? is valve really not gonna do anything about this horrible system ? russians just report for nothing or simply for fun .. please make proper forums for reporting people like in dota 1 im pretty sure a lot of people are willing to work as mods .. just like in the old days ... it won't cost you anything ! just change it already , it's just AWFUL !

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    Go play with 4 friends as 5man > Get punishment for "ability abuse/intentional feeding" (LPQ) reported by enemy team.

    >If people are a 5 man, can we just make "ability abuse" and "intentional feeding" reports completely invalid........ There is no logic to having them valid if you are a 5 man. Why would you want to punish your friends? Why is there even an option to.

    Really the enemy team should only be allowed to report for Toxic behaviour (chat), since everything else is none of their business.
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    the whole reporting system is just horrible , it doesn't make any sense and its not fair ! anybody can report you for nothing ... just have forums for this kind of stuff and that's it ! valve doesn't need to do much ! my god ... fix this awful system already

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    You need to get 11+ reports to get in to LPQ or muted so it couldnt be just that one game. Besides, reports from party count as one, so you either had to play often against solo q players or do something across multiple matches. There's also small possiblity that your own friends reported you for "fun".
    Read this if you want to know why so many games is very one sided:

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