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Thread: Load-testing Steam Broadcasting

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    Took a bit longer to load but overall everything was awesome(1080p) and I was watching the TI5Sange on source at the same time.Had no problems.

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    Will be elegible to get tournament drops by watching from here too?

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    So far the Auto quality is always flopping around different settings constantly which is annoying. I am located in Germany.

    When it does not constantly change settings it is a joy to watch. No stutter or lag or constant waiting for loading. It was all good thus far!

    -Edit I spoke too soon now the stream is hanging for everyone and I constantly get "Reconnected" in the chat
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    -Great overall stream quality (1080p)
    -Got lag spikes after game 2 of Burden vs Alliance (guess that was on your the broadcasting side) and for several seconds at a time during the next game.
    -Good color rendering and contrast
    -Audio quality was fine as far as I can tell
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    How do you feel about the video quality? Resolution, framerate, color, contrast, etc.
    - Video quality is good compared to twitch but is taking it's toll on the bandwidth too. I can watch high on twitch without lagging and it's stuttering abit in 480p for me.
    (2mbps connection)

    How is your connectivity to the stream? Do you experience lag? Reconnections? Down-rezzing? (if so, where are you located?)
    Connectivity is fine. Audio is abit choppy sometimes on 480p. Literally unwatchable on 720p. Got an error that Video can't be played due to an unexpected error while scrolling up and down in the steam client.(I am watching in steam client since it doesn't support Mozilla).

    How is the transcode quality?
    480p is kinda blurry to the point of unwatchable for me. if it could use some less bandwidth maybe?

    Do you have any other feedback about the stream?
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    I'm enjoying the quality. It's way more respectful to the In-Game Dota feel than twitch.
    However, it's not +720p, but it's mostly due to my poor Internet. But at least changing quality is not causing some latence or so.

    That's cool. Last thing I would want is a way to watch the stream in another window.

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    Look great. I would like for cursor to disappear when you don't move it for some time, though.
    Possible solution to foreigners issue
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisC View Post
    In order to do some load testing on Steam Broadcasting, we're going to be streaming the Qualifiers (via DotaTV) at this link:

    This is a 1920x1080 60fps stream, and in addition to doing some load testing, we're interested in your feedback:

    • How do you feel about the video quality? Resolution, framerate, color, contrast, etc.
    • How is your connectivity to the stream? Do you experience lag? Reconnections? Down-rezzing? (if so, where are you located?)
    • How is the transcode quality?
    • Do you have any other feedback about the stream?

    The machine streaming this will be auto-spectating games, so it should switch from game to game as they finish, and will be broadcasting the English casters.

    Video color/contrast is slightly off. Video is blurry considering 3.5m 1080p stream. This is most likely due to 60fps. Video crispiness is much more important than 60fps.

    The stream UI is extremely bad. On top of that, it is not touch optimized at all.

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    just for a 720p 45-55% of my cpu was working for it, watchable.
    ( i was watching on steam web browser , i3-2365 1.4GHz, using wondows 7. my laptop is an Asus F550C)
    if i disconnect my charger i get something like 3-4 fps both in audio and video.
    480p and sub are watchable even with my charger disconnected.
    for comparison i can watch Twitch on "high" with my charger disconnected as it requires only 13% of my cpu.

    ofc i am on a shitty machine and most steam users have better stuff( and yet i can run Dota2! painfully.) but some have it like me, or just want to watch stuff while also having something casually running in the background or while being on a battery(phones?).

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    Quote Originally Posted by FatalTouch View Post
    Your web browser does not support the minimum set of features required to watch this broadcast.

    You can watch this broadcast from inside the Steam Client or, for a list of supported browsers, please visit the Broadcast FAQ.

    Mozilla Firefox verison 38.0.1
    The fact that I can not watch it with Firefox just Chrome or Safari makes me mad as hell!

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