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Thread: Load-testing Steam Broadcasting

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    CORS rules might need some adjusting.


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    Seems great, the majors running 1080p50fps which looks great. The UI and information availability on the in-browser HUD is so insanely great, I've attach a picture to see a few problems I've encountered.

    To start, the bottom of the map (radiant safe lane) is covered, and even though the scroll bar for the area with player health/mana/etc does fit within, the map does not, I assume the player list on the left side is pushing it down, either way I can't see the safe lane, Also, If possible, it would be great to see the player's names, as in their ticket/team names, because as you can see in this picture, the Wyvern was CDEC.Q (I don't mind the team tag not being there, just the player name isn't right) Same with Miracle- Alchemist is Mamacita. Also, when I close chat (as it distracts me) it would be nice to have either a way to keep the player area on the bottom available to see rather than pulling up the window which covers the whole stream, or have it replace chat somehow.

    The player graph on left side does not change/update when new games starts, you have to refresh in order for it to change

    Other than those problems, it is great. I love it so far.
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    Steam Broadcasting is part of the Steam beta client, and users will need to opt-in to use the feature and update their privacy settings in order to broadcast. Broadcasts from Steam are available to watch through the service's community hub.

    Voice Broadcasting Software | Voice Broadcasting Leads

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