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Thread: Save the chat room you joined

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    Save the chat room you joined


    I wanted to know if it's possible to save a chat room to keep it open? Everytime I run the game I have to open the chat room where I used to stay in.

    Thank you


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    +1, that would be nice to have a message history when joining a chat room you saved, maybe something like the 5-10 latest messages of each chat rooms.

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    Agree, tired of scrolling down 500rooms to find where I usually hang out.

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    atm you can auto-join predefined chat rooms by doing this:
    Create an autoexec.cfg file in the dota 2 beta/dota/cfg folder and type this in the autoexec.cfg:
    chat_join ROOMNAME
    Never tried it with the room name containing spaces but if you'll fail to join the room which name contains spaces try this:
    chat_join "ROOMNAME
    Save the autoexec.cfg and set it to read-only.

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    Mine actually does this automatically. In the past it has dissapeared for a few logons (like after a patch), but then it starts remembering again. When I start I almost always have two channel that open automatically, a Europe one (that changes each time) and teamliquid. Does it same your other settings? Maybe this is tied to the cloud options?

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