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Thread: Minimap too big > clicking top right corner when escaping resulted in many deaths

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    Quote Originally Posted by Linken View Post
    Or add the option to disable minimap rightclick?
    Simple. Valve, do this. Don't go and give us all these crazy options to change the UI. Just a simple toggle like disabling the Windows key. Disable mini-map right-click.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vandal View Post
    the point still stands that I wasn't angry at the GUI - I just knew it was my fault.
    And it wouldn't have happened if you played on the other team.
    Misclicks only happen to one team so they make the game less balanced.

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    Another clean fix rather than disabling it completely could be to require the player to Left Click the minimap before they would be allowed to Right Click in it. Clicks in the rest of the screen remain unaffected.

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