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Thread: Epic Suggestion

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    Epic Suggestion

    In the development of Dota 2 i hope they add alternative avatars and hats and such. Similar to how TF2 got it but with a little big more.

    But if they add alternative avatars then i got a suggestion you cannot say no to, but to cry of epicness too.

    Make a complete alternative avatar of Dragon Knight named Dovahkiin!

    His abilities names and effects will be replaced to make references of the game Skyrim.

    Breather Fire = Fus Roh Dah!
    Dragon Tail = Arrow in the knee
    Dragon Blood = Dragonborn
    Elder Dragon Form = Dragon Form?... (same thing but with skyrim dragons)

    Since Valve owns Steam and has good relationship with all other game developers who releases their games on the Steam platform i am sure off that there wouldn't be any difficulties of adding alternative avatars in Dota 2 that are references of other games that you can buy on steam.

    Think of how it would look with having a freaken Dovahkiin in Dota 2!

    Wouldn't it be badass playing Omniknight with a Warhammer 40k Space Marine Librarian alt avatar?

    Imagine having Magicka robed avatars as alt avatars to Zeus, Lina, Frostmaiden where they all have their color on the robes (lightblue, red, blue wizards!).

    This would work similar as how it is with hats in TF2, many of them refernces to buyable game on Steam.

    This is a golden opprotunity here Valve! This can make it viable for Dota 2 to have a Free-To-Play model if Valve developers were considering it!

    Please post your opinions/comments/support on this subject.
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    This has nothing to do with AI.

    Also, Valve will probably decide what they want to do.

    Suggest it again when the game is finished and the shop is actually implemented (if it ever is).
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