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Thread: [Suggestion] Tournament MatchMaking

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    [Suggestion] Tournament MatchMaking

    Tournament MatchMaking would be a matchmaking system that "simulates" a 16-team double-elimination bracket tournament.* This means that clans participate in a "virtual" tournament where clans get matched accordingly to their virtual position on the bracket with a pool far exceeding 16 clans and thus greatly reducing waiting times.*

    The upside of this, is that clans can play whenever it fits them, and progress at the rate that they wish to play.

    Clan system. (+ringing)

    The first requirement is the ability to create a clan that can join tournaments and can be ranked.
    When a clan is created, players from that clan can to sign in to the clan's tournament party and pick a captain.

    Also a neat feature for serious play would be ability to ring or substitute a player in game with another player during the games.* And also the ability to reassemble the party and have other clanmates/captains continue playing the tournament.
    This ability should only be optional for clan-members, and only if they were members at the start of the tournament and aren't already engaged with another clan.*

    Tournament Simulation

    The tournament simulated can be, for example, a 16-team double-elimination bracket tournament with a winner and a loser bracket similiar to the Dota 2 International.

    The intial group stage can simulated as followed. First option would be to divide the matchmaking-pool in groups of 4 clans and match them against one another. However this isn't neccesary, and inconvenient for the players as they would have to wait for matches to finish.
    The best option would be to divide the entire matchmaking-pool based on the number of games played, and match them accordingly. The clans can then be divided between the winner or loser bracket based on the number of wins because one half of the clans will win 2/3 games, the other half wins 0/1 games.

    A reason for concern is the fact that clans that end up in the loser bracket might be inclined to forfeit, resulting in matchmaking-pools becoming disproportional. If this happens, it will be increasingly difficult to provide a matchmaking service higher up the ladder.
    However, this can be resolved by adding an option for clans to forfeit, or a forfeit penalty (in-case a clan doesn't return to the tournament within a certain time-frame) so that there's a "forfeit-pool" that can be matched against clans - resulting in automatic wins.

    After the group stage, clans get matches against all other clans based on their "virtual" position in their respective bracket. Note that these are all the other clans of the same tier, perhaps hundreds of clans. The clans are not split in a predefined set of 16 clans.*

    When playing best out of three or five, they should be matched against the same clan (for obvious reasons.) For convenience there should an option to schedule or reschedule matches by concensus, or the option to pause inbetween matches up to 30 minutes by demand.

    Ranking System

    The ranking, and matchmaking service, is split in different tiers. Clans advance to higher tiers by winning tournaments. This requires consistent play - winning 11-12 games per tournament. Top-tier clans can be ranked by a more traditional ranking system to have more detailed ladders.

    I have devised a tier system below that only allows a tiny percentage of the players to achieve the top tier rank and keeps the gross of players (50%) in the entry-level tier. The point of this tier system is to divide the clan-pool between their respective skill-level before matchmaking.

    A possible flaw of this system is that as higher skilled clans tier up and leave the entry-level pools, it will become increasingly easier to advance from these tiers, corrupting higher tiers.
    I solved this by adding a "buffer"-tiers around the entry level tier. Therefore look at pseudo-Tier 3 and 4 as a whole as pseudo-Tier 3 assimilates pseudo-Tier 4 "bads" over time.* One must also consider skill improving in all tiers as the community matures.

    *10-15% of the clanbase + another 1% per ~50 tournaments cycles in Tier 2.

    Quote Originally Posted by LADDER FLOWCHART BELOW
    A clan will advancing in tiers by:
    - Winning 3+X* tournaments in Tier 2.
    - Winning a tournament in Tier 3, 4 and 5
    - Winning the loser bracket 2+X* times from Tier 3 and 4.

    X* being the amount of times a clan has lost the first stage of the loser bracket in this tier.

    A clan drops out of his tier if it:
    - loses the first stage of the loser bracket more than it has won tournaments in Tier 2.
    - loses the first stage of the loser bracket 2+X* times in Tier 3 and 4.

    X* being the amount of times a clan has won the loser bracket in this tier.

    TIER 3
    pseudo-Tier 5 will be the lowest tier. I estimate it'll hold 5-15% of the clanbase, given that clans in this environment will most likely disband over time, or remake their clan.
    The main purpose of this Tier is to collect “trash” and seperate it from the entry-level matchmaking service.

    pseudo-Tier 4 is the entry-level tier and it will hold 40-50% of the clanbase.
    Winning a tournament in this tier advances the clan a to Tier 3. Winning the loser bracket 2 times will also advance the clan, given it has no "losses" (described above.)

    pseudo-Tier 3 will hold 30-35% of the clanbase, is structurally identical to Tier 4.
    Winning a tournament in this tier advances the clan a to Tier 2. Winning the loser bracket 2 times will also advance the clan, given it has no "losses" (described above.)

    Pseudo-tiers are pooled seperate.

    TIER 2
    Tier 2 will hold 10-15% of the clanbase. To be more punishing than Tier 3, it does not “catch” clans that "lose" (described above.) by allowing them to continue in this tier unless they already have a win.
    Winning 3 tournament in this tier is the only way to advance.

    TIER 1
    Tier 1 will accumelating 1-2% of the clanbase after 50 to 100 tournament cycles, and more over time. Because of the consistency in skill required to achieve a Tier 1 rating, it might not be required to drop clans from this tier. It might be favorable to match Tier 1 clans with Tier 2++ clans for the convenience of finding matches, and making Tier 1 more exclusive by making Tier 2 more difficult after 2 tournament victories. Because end-of-the-line Tier 1 will accumulate more and more clans over time, clan in this tier will compete among themselves so it might be favorable to have a detailed Tier 1 clan ladder based on a point system.

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    Similar team system and matchmaking:
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    you should add tl;dr.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cn.white View Post

    No feedback?
    Probably because this game is still in beta and probably will be for some time.

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    tl;dr: possibly a CAL/Cevo/Esea-like system?

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    Valve should hire you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Albain View Post

    Valve should hire you.
    Maybe after the 9000 hours in excell I spend trying to make a profitable pay2play/compete system out of this by adding prizemoney - because I dont want fucking hats!
    But as long as DOTA 2 is still heading for retail there's no point
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    i've been wanting this since RoC dota

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    Bad, just use wc3's automated tournament format.

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    Okay, and what's the point of this tournament system exactly? It sounds like a ranking system with tiers and you've just devised the formula.

    I'm not trying to sound bitter because I made the same suggestion (
    So is there much difference from what I said and what you said? It seems the same layout as SC2, but the tier groups are smaller.

    I'm not sure whether a "tournament" system is good (not sure if you're using the right word)
    I envision a tournament as everyone starts at the same starting place, then need to beat concurrent clans in order to proceed. What if a team AFK's? What happens to the other team which is waiting to advance?

    I think I understand that your general concept is matching clans of similar skill to verse eachother? Which is what I want too.

    I had trouble visualising your post, and what's the ability to ring a clanmate? Is that's the ability to substitute a player in game with another player? If so I really don't think that's a good idea.

    So what are the major differences from my suggestion and yours?
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