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    Lightbulb [Suggestion] Improved Pick-Screen (features)


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    Since my suggestion received so much positive feedback (especially the "Game Plan Tablet"), i decided to take the suggested improvements into consideration and elaborate a little.

    The "Game Plan Tablet" should look like a simplified version of the minimap emphasizing the common early game positions. It gives players the opportunity to plan the team-composition and lane-distribution beforehand while visualizing the current considerations. It should be visible on the pick-screen. When the pick-timer runs out, it should stay visible (with a close-button) until the game starts.

    At the start of the pick-phase a "chip" (highlighted in your colour) is automatically positioned on the radiant/dire area of the tablet (only visible to you). The "chip" becomes visible to your teammates when you move it for the first time. If you pick ("shadowpick") a hero, the "chip" is replaced with the highlighted (greyed out) hero-icon. You can move your "chip" by clicking on the tablet or using drag and drop. If you directly click an early-game-position or drop your "chip" on that position, your "chip" is placed on a hardcoded slot of that position and the early-game-position becomes highlighted in your colour. Available early-game-positions would be: Top-Lane, Mid-Lane, Bot-Lane, Radiant-Jungle, Dire-Jungle, Roaming. The hardcoded slots depend on how many players place their "chip" on the respective early-game-position. (You can draw on the tablet like on the minimap.)

    Example 1 (how it could look):

    Notice how the final line-up evolves over time.

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    Example 2 (one amongst other benefits):

    What would you pick in the different scenarios? Imagine you believed in scenario 1 and picked Spectre, while scenario 1/scenario 2 is true...sux.

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    Example 3 (everything is possible):

    For every early-game-position exist up to 5 hardcoded slots. So even rarely seen line-ups like the "5-man-pusher-tactic" can be displayed.

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    Other thoughts:

    • Maybe enable the option to switch to enemy-sight, so you can debate the enemy-line-up.
    • Manage the bots via the tablet.
    • Since not many liked the roll-feature, just enable the -roll command.
    • Add a section where players can "volunteer" for buying 1-per-team-items (courier, upgrade, wards, mekka, vlads etc.).

    ***ORIGINAL POST:***

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    1) Game Plan Tablet (top left)


    If you left-click the tablet your (player-colour-bordered) "chip" is created at your mouse-cursors position. If you havent picked yet, its blank. After you choose ur hero, the "chip" shows your heroes portrait. You can drag and drop the "chip" in the limits of the tablet. Also you can draw on the tablet the same way as on the minimap.


    improves team-coordination / more information for the players who havent picked yet to make a good decision (for the team) / less "bullshit-lanes" / learning effect for new players (in terms of general picking and team-composition)

    2) Random Generator & Chicken Volunteer (mid left)


    By left-clicking the empty space above your hero portrait (or blank-square, if you havent picked yet) a (player-colour-bordered) courier-symbol is displayed (to show your allies, that you intend to buy the courier). If you click again, the courier-symbol changes into a courier-upgrade-symbol. If you click again, the symbol is removed.

    If you press the "ROLL"-Button a (uniformly distributed) random number between 1 and 100 is created above your hero portrait. Old roll-results decrease in size and move up. If you press the "GROUP"-Button (can be toggled on/off) the small box under your heroes portrait gets coloured. If someone in the group (whose small box is coloured) "rolls", a "roll" is executed by all groupmembers simultaneously and the results are shown in a special (group) colour.


    no more (unwanted) multiple couriers / less "forgotten" couriers / teaches new players the importance of the courier(upgrade) / handy (solo or team) random-generator in case (!) you need one (who buys the courier/upgrade?, who gets to go mid?, who plays carry/support? which of those two heroes do i choose?, etc.)

    3) Hero-Mark-Button (mid right)


    Press the "Mark"-Button to mark the hero you are currently looking at (ally-only-visible player-coloured borders appear around the hero portrait). You cant mark a hero that has been marked (by an ally) or picked already. If you already have marked a hero, the old mark disappears.
    If someone (friend or foe) picks a hero, this hero gets marked (in the respective colour) and the portrait greys out (in the hero-selection).


    show your allies which hero you intend to pick, if you dont want to pick immediately to avoid hard-counters / better overview in the hero-selection-screen
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