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Thread: Replace "X" of the enemyteam by arrow.

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    Jul 2012
    +1 How about this one? It is still X but small arrow on top shows direction.


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    Im ok with the X but i noticed while spectating that you can see when a radiant hero goes invis with the center circle being filled or hollow, but the X stays full no matter what. i think we need a way to show when dire heroes are invisible for spectating purposes.

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    Since it's already possible to see which way they're facing, but just unclear because it's not well visible, one of these two things should be done:
    1. don't let us see which way they're facing at all
    2. change them to arrow instead of X

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    2krs: I think that's too complicated for a small icon and can't be implemented.

    What about this? I think it's simple enough, similar to X and shows the direction clearly. minimap_icon.png
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    Years later, watching a pro tournament replay, the X is still bad.


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