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Thread: Dota 2 matchmaking

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    Dota 2 matchmaking


    I have been playing for a while and I have to say I have never seen something like this. Can anyone please explain to me if it's normal being matched vs 2 stacks of 2 like in the below pic?

    dota mm.jpg

    No one in my team knows anyone else and as far as I am aware, matchmaking should only match stacks vs stacks. In this case, however, there are 2 stacks in Radiant, none in Dire.

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    Never seen that before, that's just fucked up....

    One would expect at the very least that the avg MMR on their team would be significantly lower than urs, but its not...

    Im strongly against the idea that stacks should even be mixed with soloers to begin with. 2-stacks should be teamed with 3-stacks, VSing opponent team with the same configuration. 4-stacks should not be allowed so there won't be 1 poor guy getting all the hate.

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