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Thread: Why Is International 2015 Ticket Info So Scarce?

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    Why Is International 2015 Ticket Info So Scarce?

    First off: sorry if this in in the wrong place, but after hours of digging for information and calling key arena and ticketmaster, I've gotten mixed and conflicting information from key arena and ticketmaster (and no information from valve's non-existent customer service); so I've come here: the one place that I've ever gotten decent information about DOTA.

    Key Arena told me that tickets bought within the continental US will be mailed out to the address provided to ticketmaster, and attached to the credit card, at the time of purchase two weeks before the start of the event

    Ticketmaster told me there is NO mail-out option of any kind attached to any of the tickets for this event now or at any time past/present/future
    They say you have to pick up all tickets from will call and present the credit card used to purchase the tickets, a matching photo ID, and the purchase order number (that was the first time I'd heard about needing the order number)
    However, I actually talked to two different people at ticketmaster and: the first one said any ID with the same last name is close enough, while the second one told me just knowing the last four digits of the credit card was good enough; additionally, ticketmaster FAQ's says just having a photocopy of both sides of the credit card is enough.

    Valve told me help desk servers are down and directed to a forum that looks like it was designed in 2004 and has literally never been updated, moderated, or so-much-as glanced at by valve

    Reddit had an International 2015 FAQ page that was just a bunch of guys complaining about scalping

    I've been to about half a dozen other places that all should have had SOME kind of information, all of which had none whatsoever (including Valve's official International 2015 FAQ page).

    I'm going through all this because when tickets went on sale I only had atm and wierd debit paycards available and didn't want to risk them getting rejected by ticketmaster, so I used my mom's credit card.
    Only after I've bought them does Ticketmaster tell me I'll have to present the card, ID etc.

    So I'm trying to find out how I'm supposed to get into this thing
    Should I use ticketmaster to transfer my tickets to myself?
    Would those print-at-home tickets even be accepted?
    Are the tickets actually going to be mailed out?
    And why is information on this so damn sparse?

    TL;DR does anyone know how to get your TI5 tickets?

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    annnnndddd, no reply. mod only equipped with close thread function

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    Quote Originally Posted by d3l4croix View Post
    annnnndddd, no reply. mod only equipped with close thread function
    Yeah, at this point I've come to believe the lack of information is actually deliberate, and the woman who told me the tickets are going to be mailed out was actually revealing Valve's big, secret surprise.
    It's the only thing I can think of that explains the total information black-out.
    Only problem with that is the tickets were mailed out last year... that kinda just leaves Valve's total incompetence as the only explanation..

    Quote Originally Posted by Silverferret88 View Post
    Thank You

    I mean, that doesn't answer even a single one of my questions.. but still, thank you...
    I'm sure you won't now feel like a moron for being both a prick and wrong in the same post.

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    Photocopy your mom's ID and credit card. Bring your own ID card. That should be sufficient if the ticket is not mailed.

    Quote Originally Posted by
    United States Orders (Floor and General Admission)
    Commemorative tickets will be mailed to the shipping address given to Ticketmaster at time of purchase the last week of June to arrive to ticket holders the first week of July.
    If you are from US it will be mailed to you.

    Quote Originally Posted by
    International Orders (Floor and General Admission)
    Will Call for all orders outside of the United States will be available for pick up on the West side of KeyArena the following dates and times. Please have ID ready for pickup.
    Else you have to pick it up.
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