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Thread: rubber banding on korea servers?

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    Question rubber banding on korea servers?

    Hi, I have been have a lot of rubber banding on the korea servers. Is it just me? I am in Japan and while ping stays low, the rubber banding makes it really hard to play.

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    I was really hoping the thing cyborg matt posted about had something to do with the status. However tonight is the same. The ping stays low but so many spells become invis and it is almost impossible to play. There is so much display lag. I am no pro, but it isn't even fun when you can't actually play the game on the nearest severs.

    I can not be the only one experiencing this.

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    still no change. I would really like to play a game where I can actually see all the spells rather than just lagging when more than one spell is cast.

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    I was hoping it would go away, but it has not changed. Early on games run fine on sk very suddenly I will lose the ability to play at some random point. I get 5 frames a minute. When I ping there is no packet loss or even a high ping. I stay at less than 50 ping and 0% packet drop rate.

    I play from Japan. Is anyone else having this issue?? it is really frustrating. I dont know if its better to play usw or just different game.

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    Is it possible that those inside sk are getting priority during peak hours and those outside of sk(ie japan) are ranked like tier 2 traffic?

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    (Sorry for bumping)

    I just came back to the game after 6 months break, and was very pleased to see we can now acces korean server. Living in Japan this server is the best one to play for me since i get 130ms+ on West Coast and Australian server, and 80+ on SEA server.
    Thing is I get a lot of skipping, rubber banding whatever it is called, where I can't see half the animations of the game (be it auto attack or spells etc...).
    Is there some kind of fix to this ? (When i check in game, i got around 30ms ping with 0% packet loss)

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    Is there anyone on this forum ? o_O

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    i eventually found out that korea throttles foreign traffic. so you have to proxy to play during peak times and even during off times the lag can pop up. also the proxy isnt a fix to it, only works sometimes. ive been playing sea because sk is too hard regardless of the supposedly low ping.

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    I'm so glad I found this.

    I moved to Korea from the USA around a month ago. I get "rubber banding" in Korean-server games nonstop. My ping is close to 30-60ms while this is happening. I'm so annoyed. I haven't been able to play a decent game of dota since I came here. The SE Asia server is too laggy, even from Korea.

    If Korea throttles foreign traffic, I don't see why I would get the rubber banding as I'm in Korea.

    Let's please find out how to work this out. I really want to play a legitimate game and get back on ranked.

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