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Thread: Source1 couriers were converted without their bind poses, resulting in bad skinning

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    Exclamation Source1 couriers were converted without their bind poses, resulting in bad skinning

    On the left, you'll see bearzky.vmdl from the Dota 2 Reborn files, and on the right, a version I imported myself through the Model Viewer Tools.

    Here's the deal: T-poses / "bind poses" are missing from the couriers converted from Source 1. In SFM2, they spawn directly on a frame from the courier_idle sequence, which indicates that this is what is getting used as the bind pose instead. So the other sequences (run, etc) end up deforming an already-deformed mesh, which is pretty bad.

    On the image you see above, I imported the T-pose animation in SFM (using FBX) in order to compare. The following GIF also demonstrates how the mesh gets affected and the loss of volume that occurs due to the deformation effectively occurring twice. The proper model is the one with the thicker left arm.

    Bearzky's ground idle has the arm bent but not much else going on, so this is where the "skinning artefacts" happen:

    But it gets farworse if I compare the proper version with the Reborn version of Bearzky's alternate style, which has an idle animation which twists the body and arms a lot more:


    Neither the S1 or S2 versions actually have a "bindPose" sequence like many Dota 2 models do, but using the Import Sequence dialog in SFM reveals that it's actually there, but just not listed as a sequence. Observe the pose that the models appear in when the dialog opens:

    On the Reborn / Source 2 version:

    On the version imported through the Model Viewer:

    This leads me to think that a model's bind poses in Source 2 are stored in a different way now (not as a sequence), and that the auto-import process from Source 1 got it wrong somehow.

    Anyway, this is to ask: could this be fixed? This is not the only courier affected, but I cannot make accurate comparisons on others since I do not have their source files. This seems to be an error in how some models were converted from Source 1 to Source 2, and not a model-specific issue.

    And if possible, could an explicit bindPose sequence be added? I suspect this would be helpful for SFM users which want to apply a T-pose to the models for clean animating. It should just be like how it used to be in Source 1, where QCs would be like:

    $model "my_model.smd"
    $sequence bindPose "my_model.smd"
    $sequence some_anim "animation.smd"

    Thank you for reading.
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    This is getting looked at.
    Great post btw.

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