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Thread: Afk hosts have to be addressed so many games with an afk host..

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    Afk hosts have to be addressed so many games with an afk host..

    The lobbies just pile up with afk hosts who must just leave the game running and go to sleep or are permanently alt-tabbed or something. It's a major problem and is extremely frustrating when you are searching for a specific game and it seems like half of the hosts are afk. I don't know the solution, maybe after 10-20 minutes of no activity from the host remove their game from the list? This problem needs to be fixed as soon as possible because so many good games are plagued with this problem.

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    +1 People who keep joining and leaving are also a problem. A rule like 'If you leave a custom game lobby, you can't join the same lobby again.' would solve both problems. Host afk? Leave and you won't get in the same lobby again. A player keeps spamming join and leave? After spamming for a while, they won't have any lobbies to join.

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    The "AFK Hosts" isn't their fault. It's a bug I have experienced where if you search for a match, it will make you both the host of one lobby and participant in another. As we already know, the "leave lobby" button doesn't work, so you are stuck hosting a lobby while actually in another lobby.

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