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Thread: [Suggestion] Solving the problem of AFK hosts

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    [Suggestion] Solving the problem of AFK hosts

    Hi everyone,

    Here is my suggestion for a fix for the AFK host problem:

    The problem is sometimes people don't know they are the host or maybe they tab out while the game fills up and don't notice when the game is full.

    So I would recommend the following:

    The host of a lobby gets a ready check for himself. Same as the usual game is ready check, with 15-20 second time. If he does not ready up someone else will be promoted to host and can kick him!

    This also gives you a notification and a sound if you are the host so you don't miss the exact moment the game is full.

    What do you guys think about this?


    I think this would be needed as well then:

    After the host did not ready up and gets booted players can press a new button in the lobby and the first one to press "Become host" will be the new host!

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    Hosts arent afk, it's a bug

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