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Thread: [SUGGESTION] For lobby hosting and preventing leavers

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    [SUGGESTION] For lobby hosting and preventing leavers

    How about an option to use normal leaver penalties on custom games? Hosts would be able to tick it and it would cause normal consequences (low priority) for leavers.

    Warcraft 3's custom games were plagued by leavers who would just leave if the game didn't go their way. Eventually, hosting bots could keep track of them and kick them automatically whenever they joined a lobby. Hopefully we won't need those blacklists if we can just have this option.

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    Warcraft III was never plagued by leavers.
    Warcraft III allowed players to fail to load, and kicked them.
    Warcraft III had a 10 second wait timer before kicking.
    Warcraft III was designed to be a multi stage game, so that a player COULD die and keep on spectator or leave.

    The only solution is to:
    1. Allow people to fail loading, since Reborn already do team assignment ingame instead of in lobby
    2. Autochange host by rotating player list if host fails to start non private lobby after it is full

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