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Thread: Pumping GPM/XPM

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    Angry Pumping GPM/XPM

    Good afternoon.
    Began to notice many games is the players who until the end of the game farm in the woods trying to earn a lot of experience and gold, and does not help the team.
    You might say it was before? Yes. But how started dota2 reborn such players has become many times more.
    I began to think why they are doing it, and found the answer. They pumped statistics to their profile look good on the graphs in dota2 reborn.
    Please remove the what I have marked in the screenshot. I'm losing pleasure from the game.

    It is better to make just such a chart. Immediately it becomes clear what to expect from the player.
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    Gosh it is so shitty. Didnt see this before. Shame on this kind of players.

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