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Thread: [Crash] Dota 2 Workshop Tools

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    I have the latest driver for intel graphic chip.
    i updated it via Intel(R) Driver Update Utility.
    Anyway i switched all dota2 processes from integrated graphic to discrete but no results.
    uploaded new dump (hope it will show something) here

    btw i have a problem like this (maybe) in cs:go. when i start competitive(!) match or watch some match in GoTV game crashes (without any error message) on 0:05 after map loaded.
    for solving this problem i change resolution of game (from 1280*720 to 1366*768 and back). then i can start competitive match

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    Hello Karlw! I've the problem MISSING EXECUTABLE.I tryed all the solutions i found in internet but nothing works. The workshop tools alpha apears in the tools as READY FOR PLAY but it's not installed and it doesn't update. I don't understand about the dump files but i let you the latest .dmp file. If you could help me would be great. Thanks for your time!

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