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Thread: jakiro's minimap icon change[suggestion]

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    jakiro's minimap icon change[suggestion]

    It took some time familiarizing with these icons,but now they are fine.
    Once u play enough of games,u learn the minimap icons and can easily see which hero is where.

    Now,imo,there is a problem with jakiro's minimap icon.
    those two heads are two small,so it looks strange,mostly unrecogniseable icon,and it often tend to meld with other icons on minimap,thus distorting the icons and making it hard to see who is where.

    Yes,i do know that jakiro is a two headed dragon,but icons are already too small(thats why its only head displayed),and with trying to display two heads instead of one,it just makes its unrecognizable and causes "melding" problems.

    Now,as far as idea for a new icon goes,im not sure how to solve that,im not even sure if others have this opinion about Jakiro's miniicon.

    Maybe make a one head,large so its recognisable,and make it one side blue,other side red?

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    But more like Two Face of Batman fame.

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