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Thread: "Become Broadcaster" Feature

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    Exclamation "Become Broadcaster" Feature

    Personally, I think it would be really awesome if random people could start doing commentarry on random dotaTv matches. Also, it'd be really entertaining to listen to random unknown broadcasters *and get to talk to them through dotaTv chat*. Seriously. this is the exact appeal of!!!

    Please tell me you guys also think this would be a really great feature?!

    EDIT: I thought I'd use the (!) emote to draw attention to this cause its something I would spend tens of hours using, possibly way more than that depending on what happens with it, but turns out the lightbulb emote is more fitting. sorry, dont discount my idea cause of it!
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    Absolutely! Posted about this as well:

    Love the idea. Set it up so that casters can be ranked by popularity, known good casters will get good viewership, everyone wins. They may be concerned about poor commentating, swearing, general negativity, but that kind of thing naturally weeds itself out with a broadcaster ranking system or simply by number of viewers. Would be great to see.

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