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Thread: Matchmaking Force Lose in Terrible Way!

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    Matchmaking Force Lose in Terrible Way!


    i try to be patient for several weeks, but this condition/problems need to be solved soon.

    Today i have 4 games and in 3 of those 4 games i get 1 leaver (they leave even though the game is still balance or on early game). And to make it worse i should have won those game if not because of leaver.
    This happen many times, not just today. I know i have more than 50% winrate, but please don't put leaver in my team. I prefer low mmr player than leaver.
    I know i can not remove my lose record, but please improve MM and punishment system (1 day or 3 days ban for leaver?).

    Match ID 1567326976, 1566914644, 1567182145.

    Thank you.

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    It's either you don't play it or you go with it. If you go with it you should not care about any ranks or stats as they don't matter anyway, as far as there's so much of sold/boosted accounts, making any complaints is pointless.

    Need to get a decent report/punishment system first, but that won't be done any time soon cuz Valve are concerned about hat-selling market, community quality is not in priority: banned player can't by hats = no profit.

    So as I said above its either you get over it or quit it. As bad as that...

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