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Thread: Feedback on The Selection Viewport Changes and IK Rigs

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    Angry Feedback on The Selection Viewport Changes and IK Rigs

    Since not too long ago from the release of Dota 2 SFM beta, I've been working on a video for the Dota Short Film Contest. I'm making it as professional as possible, and with over 3k hours on the standalone SFM, I've got a lot of experience in posing and animation. So here are the changes of bone selection for what I'd like to call SFM 2
    Camera and selection viewport changes for improved discoverability, ease-of-use and uniformity with other tools (like Hammer)
    • Game camera (aka wasd camera) manipulation now on right mouse drag
    • Moving the mouse into the viewport now automatically previews transform controls (without requiring the ctrl key to be held)
    • Transform control selection in viewport also no longer requires holding the ctrl key

    Now there is a lot of good things that came with the new SFM, mostly surrounding performance- which I have to give the team credit it is TONS better than SFM 1. It's faster in performance, but sadly not the workflow and here's why:

    Removing the holding of ctrl key to enable/disable transform control selection was a really terrible choice. Now everything's on the screen whenever your mouse hovers over the viewport. Need to squint your eyes to see if you got the pose of the model right and that's not the end.
    The core problem is - I want to select a particular bone on a particular model, I have a bunch of other models in the background as well. I select the wrong bone just an inch away from the right one, but the transform/rotation pivot already appeared. You want to click on the correct bone but you can't, because the pivot is in your way and there is no turning it off unless you find an empty spot on the viewport.

    Now on SFM 1, that wasn't the case. You'd hold the ctrl key, the pivot dissapears and you select the bone you wanted. But here, you need to click on a spot where there aren't any bones or the transform/rotation pivot blocking your path to deselect the bone. Then you have to get your mouse back and click on the bone again, and it better be the right bone because you'll have to punish your wrist to hell's end until it is.

    Its frustrating, and I know you can disable selections on models, but that is even more extra work you'll need to get used to, in order to achieve accuracy in your selecting. It takes more time away. Not easy to use at all.

    When it comes to IK rigs, they are actually pretty easy to make and I like that. The problem is you cannot hide the bones you don't need, a character like Legion Commander has all her legs and arms in the unknown section of the animation set, and the unknown section has a lot of useless bones you wouldn't need to animate until you're finished with the body movements. So again it all comes down to that viewport selecting fiasco. Also if anyone know how to make add a hip bone I'd be grateful.
    But please, Valve bring us the option of having the old way of selecting bones. Its way more practical imo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arxin View Post
    When it comes to IK rigs, they are actually pretty easy to make and I like that.
    Is there a link or a tutorial on how to make IK rigs without using other programs?

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    Brother, you right click the wrist bone on the animation set and then simply click "Auto-Attach rig" same with second wrist and right and left ankles, and there you have it.

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