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Thread: The Bug Compilation

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    The Bug/Suggestion Compilation

    I'll try and keep this updated. Please reply if I miss something, or incorrectly deem something critical/not critical.

    • Critical
    • Not critical
    • Fixt


    1. API Call crashes for incorrect arguments || [June 26 update]
    2. Disabled default interface does not get enabled (tools)
    3. First time running a game in tools will not show the loading screen || [June 30 Update]
    4. Comments get parsed by the compiler
    5. Resolving panel children added dynamically || [June 26 update]
    6. RegisterKeyBind is broken (crashes the game)
    7. CSS/JS images are not compiled || [workaround]
    8. TextEntry maxchars limit avoidable || [June 26 update]
    9. JS indices and Lua indices are different with no way to "convert" between them || [July 03 Update]
    10. (see #9) GetSelectedEntities returns Lua indices, meaning no further API calls work on the returned indexes || [July 03 Update]
    11. Disabled minimap accepts clicks || [Unknown Update]
    12. GameEvents.SendCustomGameEventToServer forwards string values as an empty table || [workaround (lower part of the post)]
    13. overflow: clip clip; doesn't seem to work
    14. Abilities.GetKeybind() is broken for dynamically added abilities
    15. Adding overflow: clip clip; to the parent panel renders the whole text shadow
    16. Text shadow gets rendered outside parent panel
    17. Entities.GetAllCreatureEntities returns nothing
    18. Entities.IsCreature always false

    (some suggestions point to the same topic but are separated for easier reading)

    1. Save/read KV
    2. Convars in panorama
    3. Mouse related API (position, maybe something more?) || [July 02 update]
    4. Client-side particles in world-space
    5. Style API call (or a new one in addition to the inline 'style') returning currently applied style value of a property
    6. Creating custom XML elements
    7. Usage of slots in Entities.GetAbility() and Game.GetKeybindForAbility() inconsistent, need a way to get keybind of ability entity and quickcast keybinds || [June 30th Update]
    8. Add DOTAItemImage and DOTAAbilityImage (in line with the DOTAHeroImage xml element) || [June 30 Update] || [July 02 Update]
    9. Abilities.IsInTargetingPhase
    10. Expanded API ( GameUI.GetClickBehaviors() ) to know who and what is issuing the order
    11. Panel that scales content to fit panel size
    12. Allow rendering Panorama to textures
    13. API Interface for Panorama Network Access (authing)
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    June 24 updates
    (full patchlog)

    • A trailing semi-colon is no longer necessary when setting CSS styles in Javascript
    • Added dump_panorama_css_properties, which prints out the list of all valid CSS properties and their documentation [wiki link]
    • Included dkjson library for JSON encode/decode in Lua
    • Changed invalid file references in Panorama from being an error to a warning [related post]
    • Added a Panorama dialog handler for key binding names: {g:dota_key:<dialog_variable_name>}
    • Javascript $.Msg() now prints the name of functions instead of 'undefined' [related post]
    • Add support for the <pre> tag in HTML labels

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    June 26 updates
    (full patchlog)

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    #5 and #8 on the bugs seem to have been fixed with the June 26th update.

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    June 30 updates
    (full patchlog)

    • - Panorama: Enabled tooltips, popups, and context menus in Custom Game UI
    • - Panorama: Added a new panel type for ability images: DOTAAbilityImage || [related post]
    • - Panorama: Added Abilities.ExecuteAbility() which attempts to execute the specified ability
    • - Panorama: Added Abilities.PingAbility() which pings the specified ability
    • - Panorama: Added Player.GetLocalPlayerPortraitUnit() which returns the local player's current portrait unit
    • - Panorama: Exposed ABILITY_TYPES and SPELL_IMMUNITY_TYPES enums to Javascript
    • - Panorama: Added the ability to create client-side console commands via Javascript
    • - Panorama: Added a monospaced numbers/symbols variant of the Radiance font, used by adding the MonoNumbersFont class to any label
    • - Panorama: Fixed bug where 'cl_panorama_script_help' would print all enums in addition to whatever you asked for
    • - Panorama: Fixed a crash when Panorama APIs expecting a function were called with a different type
    • - Panorama: Added Game.PrepareUnitOrders() which issues orders on behalf of the local player (see dotaunitorder_t)
    • - Panorama: Added Abilities.CreateDoubleTapCastOrder() which attempts to self-cast/double-tap the specified ability
    • - Panorama: Added Abilities.GetKeybind() which returns the keybind for the specified ability || [related post]
    • - Panorama: Exposed PlayerOrderIssuer_t enum to Javascript
    • - Panorama: Added support for pseudo-selector ":enabled"
    • - Custom Games: Fixed custom loading screens not displaying on the first load of a custom game when in tools mode || [related post]

    Confirming all the bugfixes now.
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    July 02 updates
    (full patchlog)

    • Custom Games: Exposed GameUI.GetClickBehaviors() to get the modal state of the mouse
    • Custom Games: Added GameUI.SelectUnit( int nEntityIndex, bool bAddToGroup ) to the Panorama exposed APIs
    • Custom Games: Game.PrepareUnitOrders() now may take a ShowEffects boolean that can be used to hide the interaction effectsof the order
    • Custom Games: Added GameUI.SetMouseCallback( func ) to allow filtering of mouse commands before the main game window eats them
    • Custom Games: Added Abilities.IsDisplayedAbility() whether the ability shows up on the action bar
    • Custom Games: Abilities.GetKeybind() now works for items
    • Custom Games: Added Items.ShouldDisplayCharges()
    • Custom Games: Added Items.ShowSecondaryCharges()
    • Custom Games: Added Items.GetSecondaryCharges()
    • Custom Games: Added Game.DropItemAtCursor() which creates a 'drop item' command
    • Custom Games: Fixed bug where incorrect ability keybinds would be reported for abilities beyond the first 6
    • Panorama: Added new UI example implementing some inventory functionality in Panorama, and demonstrating drag and drop
    • Panorama: New panel type: DOTAItemImage || [related post]
    • Panorama: Added Panel2D.SetDraggable() and IsDraggable()
    • Panorama: DOTAAbilityImage panel supports the ability itself as context entity
    • Undocumented changes:
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    July 03 Update
    (no patchlog)

    Undocumented changes: JS now uses entity indices rather than handles. || [related post]


    #11 fixed! || [related post]
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