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Thread: Silencer and Chen

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    Silencer and Chen

    Well, yeah, there is that thread about DK. They really look quite damn similar, but that's not the topic.

    The thing is, his lore implies that he very likely hates Knights of the Fold. And Chen is a part of the Knights. That's totally cool, and would make for an interesting rivalry like Tidehunter vs Kunkka and Rylai vs Lina, but...

    Neither of them have any rivalry lines for each other.

    I do like small interactions between heroes, but i do not, however, like it when things are hanging in the air.

    As for me, Silencer is one of the heroes who needs his lore to be rewritten. Remove Knights of the Fold, or, if you want to do it the hard way - get Newsome and Gregory back for a little recording session.

    Bonus points if Dragon Knight gets mentioned.
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