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    It is not irrelevant. You said you are playing with the same people. This is the case when you are really high or really low.

    Also, learn how to edit your posts. No need to make 20 posts in a row.
    Your whole idea is faulty anyway. There is no way all these games can be moderated. And the fact that you "think" the player base is 1 mill, doesn't make it true.

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    dude whole tread is talking about games and calibration before mmr why the fuck you asking me that questions?
    and again i need to draw for you specialy that means i dont have mmr at all!
    can it be more clear then it is?

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    No, I'm saying that there are currently > 10 million active accounts (11,127,520 to be exact: There are way more created accounts in total since the beginning, but lets ignore that. Do you want to let people stay at their current MMR and only calibrate new accounts with that method? Even if that's the case:

    Dota 2 is 3.5 years old, so there are on average 10,000,000/(3.5*365) = 7700 accounts created per day (and considering that 10 million was reached 5 months ago, that fits). Even if only every 5th account goes into ranked calibration, that's ~1500 accounts per day that need to get rated, or 15000 games with a 10 game calibration. Even if you find 1000 5k+ players to do that, it's still 15 games per day (and like I said, that's ignoring the entire already existing playerbase).

    Matchmaking feedback in general belongs in the sticky in misc. If someone has an idea worth investigating it can be worth it to have a seperate thread for it, but this idea is simply horribly unrealistic and undoable.

    EDIT: Just to clarify: yes I used very low values for the calculation because the total number of accounts is unknown. In reality, the amount of accounts per day is a lot higher and so is the amount of spectated games.
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