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    Serious Suggestion


    I'm a long time DotA player. I have two suggestions which may sound stereotypical at first glance, but this is written by an actual 30 year old man who spends some of his money on stuff like the compendium and is probably going to be a lifelong customer. Probably - because a certain thing is a bigger problem than one would think just from ragigng teenagers being abrasive about it.

    Namely, there are Russian players everywhere. Russia is a large country with a large player base and it follows that it has a lot of both great and terrible dota players. However, most of them don't speak anything but russian well, a lage number of them have horrific attitudes, and most of them who play on other servers don't even bother communicating and play "against everybody". They'll fight you for farm, they'll insist on getting the lanes, they don't trust you because you're a foreigner. They have a mentality that it's only them who is suposed to win the game, motly because they seem to look down upon other people and are only on EU servers because they seem to think the EU players are worse and it's easy wins for them over here. So they think their teammates are horrible, and they think their opponents are horrible, and this makes playing with russians a ghastly experience in way too many cases. It's relatively easy to play against them unless they're a stack, but playing with them is often really unpleasant.

    I'm exactly half way between EU West and EU East, but I choose to play on EU West for the following reasons

    1) The average EU West play really often IS less experienced than the average EU East (simply because there's way more poor kids who only play DotA all day in EU East and CIS Countries so it's litterally the only thing in life they know or have ever done). However this is also why the average Russian goes to EU West, the pub scene is much weaker and it's easier for them to get wins.

    2) There's plenty of Russians in EU East, who are very unenjoyable to play with in most cases (yes everybody knows a bunch of decent people, I know a bunch in RL, have worked with them, spent time in Russia, etc, but as far as their DotA community goes for every one decent person, not player, person, there's 50 ghastly people who leave you sorry you even turned the game on). At least there used to be, not even so much these days because...

    3) There's a lot of Serbs and Turks, which, well, is understandable since it's their home server, but they have the Russian issues split between them. Serbs have a "poor country lan cafee addicts" mentality problem simmilar to Russians (and Peru). That means lots of juvenile delinquents, college dropouts, plenty of mechanical skill, no manners, no education, crude, no sense of teamwork, terrible mentality and highly unpleasant to play with. Turkey has the "populous country lots of newbies not too many speak english" problem, and since they que up as teams if you're on a team with one Turk you're probably on a team with several, and only maybe one knows how to play DotA at anything but the most casual level. And you're facing a premade team, which is going to be either Serbs or Russians who on the average just play better because of experience (there's plenty of others, but it's still smaller countries with long time dota players playing), so it's just one doomed game after another. So if I play EU East and see I'm on a team with Turks - I know I'm pretty much throwing an hour of my life away. It's not infuriating, though, it's their home server, nothing to complain about...

    I'm lucky because I can choose, as I've said, I'm at the exactly right spot half way between EU East and EU West. BUT!

    Russians being allowed on EU West simply has to stop. And EU East for that matter. They disrespect anyone on the servers (because they go there despite higher ping because they think they're so superior), they write in cyrilic and most often talk in russian so you can't understand them, the skill disparity between a russian pubstomper and an average EU West player is so vast that it makes matchmaking look screwed up and it makes for thorughly unenjoyable games. Beause if I end up on an EU West team, and there's a bunch of buddies - the other side is most often a bunch of premade Russian pubstompers who these guys can't handle. If you end up on a team with Russians you'll very likely not enjoy the game very much, and if you're against them it's difficult to win as they're a premade pack of pubstompers who do communitcate with each other. Solo que Russians on foreign servers will try to hard-carry with supports, spam insults, demand farm, not buy courrier nad wards on principle (Qoute: "I DON'T PLAY SUPPORT" as if it's beneath them, even though they randomed KotL or whatever), and a pubstomp stack will have a dedicated supporter.

    Every EU West (and East) player I have talked to is exasperated about the question of "Why do they even come here, if they have their own server?" and you can't tell them why because they'll get offended. Limiting Russians to their home servers for public games would be a very good thing. They actively seek servers where they think they're supperior, then act superior even if they aren't, and it's making Dota2 highly unpleasant. A server infested with Russians is a useless server for anyone else, and again, plenty of decent people in Russia, but it's so huge that it doesn't balance out the multitude of horrible, horrible people I would not want to interact with in any way if I lived a million years. Often, you'll hear even Russians not wanting ot play on Russian servers to avoid OTHER Russians.


    Another suggestion is to implement a report system for reporting people playing on far away servers. The ping issues alone make it legit. There's just too much systematic game ruining behavior on part of Russians that can't be reported in any way right now, and it leaves anyone just frustrated. If anyone wanted to play with or agaisnt Russians they'd go to the Russian servers, right? But noone ever does that, not even a lot of Russians, except the way things are now everyone else suffers at their expense. They have their server, there is 0 legit reason for any Russian to play on EU ones, and there's also 0 reason to ever meet an actual Russian on either EU servers. The very act of playing on an EU server for a Russian is trolling right there, except a theoretical small minority for whom the EU East is closer. It should be impossible that if you que up EU West you get a single person typing in Cyrilic, let alone half the players in the game.

    If there was an EU server which Russians couldn't enter - the rest of Europe would be playing exclusively on it, and that's a fact. If it was made a compendium stretch goal it would double the TI prize money in less than a day.
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