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Thread: A bunch of bugs with text rendering

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    A bunch of bugs with text rendering

    See the screenshot.
    Black background is the panel, text on it is the label.

    1. white-space: nowrap; does not get update in realtime. Got it working only after restarting the mod.
    2. Text has a text-shadow. Which somehow gets rendered outside parent's panel.
    3. Text-overflow does not work at all. It is not set and setting it to ellipsis does nothing.
    4. Adding overflow: clip clip; to the parent panel makes the WHOLE text shadow get rendered.
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    It looks like you're rendering the label inside of an additional Panel. This panel could have width: fit-children, margin-right: -100px, etc., which would eliminate 1. and 3. as bugs. 2. is still clearly a bug, though, a rather rare one because this scenario would only happen by a code mishap.

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