Hey everyone!
We're Them Games, a French game studio. Since we too play way too much DOTA 2 and we're game designers, we thought "Let's create new heroes as a game design exercise" as when we used to try to sneak a mail to Icefrog after giving up on trying to use the War3 editor (this thing was such a mess…)

So before going at it, we wondered who were the DOTA 2 Heroes. What characters did we need to create to complement the actual hero pool from aesthetic, lore and mechanical standpoints.

We pulled some stats from all available sources: lore, comics, forums, Heroes’ responses... And thought they should be available to everyone. With the advent of modding, in case you want to create new heroes yourself

Check them out and if you spot mistakes, ping us on twitter or in the article's comment section (or here) and if you want more content like that, let us know and give us feedback!