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Thread: Hidden channeling ability not cast by CastAbilityOnTarget

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    Hidden channeling ability not cast by CastAbilityOnTarget

    I have encountered a bug in the tools when trying to cast a hidden ability from lua using unit:CastAbilityOnTarget. First of all I was trying this with a RunScript inside an OnChannelSucceeded block. The runscript would fire for the ability when cast manually and from lua. Adding the behaviour DOTA_ABILITY_BEHAVIOR_HIDDEN to the ability works in the sense that is hides the ability, it however also stops the RunScript from firing.

    Once I encountered this bug I have also tried moving the RunScript in a OnSpellStart block, which again fired when the ability is visible, but not when hidden. Furthermore I have tried removing the channeling part of the ability, but that changed nothing.

    My current ability behavior field is the following:
    PS: Setting the ability to be hidden through either DOTA_ABILITY_BEHAVIOR_HIDDEN or in lua with ability:SetHidden( true ) has the same effect.
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