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Thread: @Valve- need your ban hammer here

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    @Valve- need your ban hammer here

    Let me get someting out of the way first- I have never created a thread here about a single person, I usually just mute them (and dodge in the future) and report them.

    So now that we clarified this, this is an extreme example and I couldnt help myself but ask for your personal investigation, as imho an extreme case requires some investigation by the community workers at valve:

    That is a person who ruins one game after another. You can see that like 5-6 games ago he played all random, which shows that he gets reported by ppl, but it seems like 5 lpq games arent the proper punishment for this scum of the society. THe first normal game after he got out of lpq, he proceeds with ruining the games for ppl. Unfortunately we dont get enough points to spend and it is getting to the end of the week, so most ppl dont have a free point to spend, which is why this scum still keeps ruining games for others.

    In my game, which if you want to look closer into it Valve, which is this: he wrote in all chat that he will proceed to feed, which he then did.

    If you look at the past games, it is nothing but losses and abandons. In his last 100 ranked games, which are 2 full pages on dotabuff, he won 30 games and threw 70 games. Dropped 1k MMR right there.

    Let me get something else out of the way- usually when someone just snaps and starts flaming or smth like that, I just mute them and I have understanding for ppl getting mad sometimes. I just play on and dont mind those players. It might just be a single momend of them getting mad. This scum however does it in like 90% of his games, at least as of late.

    We need to be able to deal with this kind of social degenerates, just spending a point for ability abuse and giving them 5 lpq games does nothing to prevent this kind of behaviour.

    In general I wouldnt say there is a wide spread problem with this kind of trash in Dota. Most of the time the players are adequate, at least on eu servers. However these few individuals need to be permanently banned and their complete steam account too. When you look at that account- it doesnt get more obvious and more blatant, that this scum doesnt really care about the game, but to make ppl rage and frustrate them. You cant have more proof, to justify a permanent ban, you just need to take a look to the All-Chat log. He clames in all chat he is gonna feed and then proceeds to do it.

    We need a tribunal system, like a group of 10-20 trustworthy ppl from the community, mb some well known and respected high mmr players, who look into this kind of blatant griefing and just forward those accs to Valve to ban them.

    Flaming is one thing- you can do smth against it a nd mute those players, but throwing games - you cant do much against it. YOu just sit there and waste your time until the game is over.

    So because of that- please take 10 mins of your time @ Community Worker at Valve, look into this case and drop you ban hammer on this scum of the society.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OP
    However these few individuals need to be permanently banned and their complete steam account too.
    And then he creates/buys/gets gifted/borrows another account and continues there.
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    at least they would waste money this way.
    Imho they should make prepaid account subscriptions and also payed ones.

    YOu buy a card for 1 year for like 40-50 bucks. Want a new acc? buy a new prepaid card for 40-50

    This would reduce 80% of all the griefing and other bs.

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    Bans are not handed out based on requests. All you can do is report him ingame and move on.

    If you want to propose a change about the report system feel free to use the sticky in misc. There was also this poll but it didn't get much attention.
    If you think I've closed or deleted a post unjustified, feel free to PM me and I'll explain it to you/discuss it with you further.

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